Dutch cold warm and dessert-buffet Cruise

120 min. | Canalcruise with Dutch cold, warm and dessert-buffet | from € 75,- per person

2-hour cruise on the canals of Amsterdam
Unlimited Dutch Bar
Service on board
Chef on board
Dutch lunch buffet cold, warm and dessert-buffet cruise

Number of persons From 25 persons
Kind of cruise Canalcruise with Dutch cold, warm and dessert-buffet
Timetable 120 min.
Price from € 75,- per person
Extra information

Cold dishes:
– Dutch garden salad with carrot, onion, potato, gherkin, mustard and parsley
– Willig cheese platter: Fenugreek cheese, old goat Willig, jersey cow and Old Willig, with rye bread and mustard dip
– Beef salad, with ham, eggs, tomato and Amsterdam pickles
– Fresh cabbage salad with raisins
– Waterlands farm bread, butter and herb butter


Hot dishes:
– Beetroot with vinegar, beet sugar and chives
– Stuffed beef rolls in tomato juice
– Soft potato puree with grated cumin cheese
– Soft boiled slices of West Frisian ham
– Stew of fried leek with smoked sausage and coarse ‘Zaanse’ mustard


Dutch dessert buffet:
– Pannacotta of caramel waffle
– Custard with red fruit
– Macaroon Bavarois
– Cream of rice with cinnamon, cardamom and raisins


Dessert can be replaces for a Henri Willig cheese platter for an extra charge of € 3,- per person (please place request in reservation/booking)

Henry Willig cheese platter:
– Baby sheep
– Fenugreek
– Herb cow cheese
– Old Willig cow
– Goat cheese extra mature
– Served with rye bread and mustard-beer dip


Minimum 25 persons
Price 25-34 persons: € 79,50 per person
Price from 35 persons: € 75,00 per person

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