Canal Cruises is an entity of Noord Holland Catering BV. As part of the Jonkman Hospitality Group; with branch address Ambachtsweg 10a, in Oosthuizen. Canal Cruises is in this capacity hereinafter referred to as Noord Holland Catering.

Exclusion of liability:
Although the information on this website has been compiled with the utmost care and Noord Holland Catering always tries to keep this information as current, complete and accurate as possible. Accordingly, no rights can be derived from this website. Programs, performances, arrangements and other activities may be subject to change. Noord Holland Catering accepts no liability for possible errors and shortcomings in this website. Changes and corrections are reserved.

Copyright and intellectual property rights:
All copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to the content and design of this website belong to Noord Holland Catering and are expressly reserved.

Information from third parties:
Noord Holland Catering is not responsible for the content and / or correctness of the texts, images or hyperlinks placed on this website by third parties.

Terms and Conditions
General terms and conditions Noord Holland Catering BV

Article 1 definitions
Official Network Catering Events.

A network of quality-conscious party caterers with the aim of improving and guaranteeing the quality and image of the party catering industry in the Netherlands.

Contractor (Noord Holland Catering BV).

The natural or legal person or company that makes its business of providing services for meetings and is a member of ONCE.

The natural or legal person or company that has entered into an agreement with Noord Holland Catering.

An agreement between the client and Noord Holland Catering regarding one or more services to be provided by Noord Holland Catering at a price to be paid by the client.

The statement made in writing by the client that one or more agreed services will not be used in whole or in part, or the written statement by Noord Holland Catering that one or more agreed services will not be provided in whole or in part.

By days are meant calendar days.

Business days
By working days are meant all days with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Article 2 Applicability

General terms and conditions Party caterers.

The AVP apply to all agreements concluded by the contractor with the client and to all offers from the contractor to the conclusion of an agreement. Other general terms and conditions do not apply thereto unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. If other general terms and conditions apply in addition to the AVP, the AVP prevail in case of contradictions.

Deviating from the AVP is only possible in writing and on a case-by-case basis.

Once the AVP have been validly declared applicable to an agreement, the most recent version of the AVP is considered applicable to all subsequent agreements between the same parties.

Article 3 Offers
All offers made by or on behalf of Noord Holland Catering are valid for 14 working days, unless otherwise stated and / or unless Noord Holland Catering withdraws the offer within that period. After this period any options expire and Noord Holland Catering can use the reserved capacity for other applications.

An order or order issued by the client binds the client. The Contractor can send an order confirmation to the Client.

If the client does not object to the description of the order contained within 5 working days after sending an order confirmation, the confirmation of the order shall be deemed to accurately and completely reflect the agreement.

Noord Holland Catering is in any case only bound if its written offer has been accepted in time, or if it has sent an order confirmation. The risk of lack of clarity through oral or telephone assignments and announcements made by the client.

The Client can pass on a lower number than the originally specified number of guests to Noord Holland Catering up to 5 working days before the date of execution. If the corrected number of guests is less than 50% of the original number, then there is a partial cancellation, to which article 6.1 applies mutatis mutandis. In that case, Noord Holland Catering determines the crediting on the basis of the information stated on the quotation or order confirmation. This regulation applies mutatis mutandis to assortment changes by the client for the day of execution. If more guests appear on the day of execution than the agreed number, the related costs will be charged extra on the basis of the information stated in the quotation or order confirmation.

Agreements with employees of Noord Holland Catering do not bind Noord Holland Catering unless they have been confirmed in writing on behalf of Noord Holland Catering.

All images, drawings, ideas and data processed in a quotation or order confirmation are used solely for use in the context of the assignment to be provided or granted and may not be used by the client for any other purpose, nor may it be provided to any third party. All rights thereto remain with Noord Holland Catering.

The documents referred to in 3.6 remain the property of the contractor. Noord Holland Catering therefore reserves the right to claim back these documents.

Article 4 Prices
All prices are included on the web site, in the offer excluding B.T.W. All other levies, which are imposed by the government, are also at the expense of the client.

If the contractor provides a composite quotation, there is no obligation to execute a part of the statement against a corresponding part of the price quoted for the whole.

If one or more cost price factors are increased after the conclusion of the agreement, Noord Holland Catering is entitled to pass on these increases to the client.

A price increase as referred to under 4.3 does not entitle the client to terminate the agreement.

Article 5 Payment
The payment must be made 7 working days after the invoice date, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

Client is obliged 30 days prior to the execution of the agreement the client must have paid 50% of the F & B part and 100% of the personnel and material costs of the agreed price, the last 25% must be made 8 working days after the invoice date, unless otherwise stated in the quotation.

If a down payment has not been received in time, Noord Holland Catering has the right to immediately cancel the order and to refuse further execution of the assignment, without being in default. This applies as a cancellation by the client, and article 6.1 applies accordingly.

If the client has not paid in full within 14 days of the invoice date, the client will owe an interest per calendar month of 1.5% with effect from the date on which the payment term expires up to the date of payment to Noord Holland Catering of the outstanding amount. . A part of a month is counted for a full month.

If the client is in default of fulfilling its payment obligations or other obligations, the client will owe compensation of all costs that Noord Holland Catering must incur in order to obtain payment out of court, hereinafter referred to as ‘collection costs’. These collection costs are set at a minimum of 15% of the principal sum with a minimum of € 120. From the mere fact that the contractor has invoked legal assistance, the obligation to pay collection costs appears. In addition, the client bears the costs of legal measures to obtain payment, if Noord Holland Catering has proceeded to do so.

If the creditworthiness of the client gives cause for this in the opinion of Noord Holland Catering, Noord Holland Catering is entitled to require the client to provide security in the form of a bank guarantee for the payment of future installments.

The Client is not entitled to rely on set-off.

Any disputes between Noord Holland Catering and the client following complaints made by the client, or on other grounds, do not give the client the right to suspend his payment obligations, unless he has been expressly authorized by the competent court.

Article 6 Cancellations
The Client is not authorized to cancel an agreement, unless he at the same time irrevocably offers to pay the amounts specified below. Any cancellation is deemed to include such an offer. Such an offer is deemed to have been accepted if Noord Holland Catering does not immediately reject the offer.

(a) In case of cancellation more than 60 days before the (first) day of execution, the client is obliged to pay 20% of the contract sum to Noord Holland Catering.

(b) In case of cancellation 30 days or more before the said time, the client is obliged to pay 50% of the contract sum to Noord Holland Catering.

(c) In case of cancellation 14 days or more before the said time, the client is obliged to pay 85% of the contract price to Noord Holland Catering.

(d) In the event of cancellation less than 7 days before the said time, the client is obliged to pay 100% of the contract sum to Noord Holland Catering.

Cancellation can only be done in writing. The calculation of the amount to be paid is based on the day on which the written cancellation has reached Noord Holland Catering.

Noord Holland Catering reserves the right to cancel assignments that later turn out to be in conflict with government regulations, or the good taste, even if the order has already been confirmed and / or a start has been made. This also applies as a cancellation by the client, and article 6.1 applies accordingly.

Article 7 Implementation
The execution of the agreement between the client and Noord Holland Catering is based on the nature of the event indicated by the client, specified numbers and specified circumstances. If the client’s statement does not correspond to the actual numbers, circumstances or nature of the event, Noord Holland Catering is not liable for any consequences thereof, without prejudice to the provisions in article 3.3.

The Client guarantees that Noord Holland Catering can carry out all necessary preparations on time at the location, free of charge, making available the necessary facilities, such as gas, water and electricity and rooms unless otherwise agreed.

If the client does not strictly comply with any obligation arising from an agreement with the contractor, Noord Holland Catering has the right to suspend the fulfillment of all obligations towards the client and to dissolve all agreements with the client, without any notice of default or judicial intervention being required. is, all this while maintaining the right to compensation. In that case, everything that the client owes to Noord Holland Catering will be immediately due and payable.

Noord Holland Catering is entitled, unless otherwise stated in the quotation, to have the assignment or parts thereof carried out by third parties not employed by him without notice and without permission from the client, if this is deemed to be a good and efficient solution in the opinion of Noord Holland Catering. execution of the assignment.

If permission from a third party is required for the execution of the agreement, the client shall ensure that the permission is obtained in good time at the expense of the client. The Client shall provide North Holland Catering with written proof that permission has been obtained no later than one week before the execution of the assignment. Failure to obtain the required permission is completely at the client’s risk.

Noord Holland Catering takes measures to ensure the confidentiality of all data and information made available to the contractor. Noord Holland Catering will not make such data and information known to third parties without written permission from the client.

If Noord Holland Catering delivers food and drinks, without personnel, to the client, the client has 2 hours guarantee on the quality of the food from the moment of delivery.

If the client and / or guests of the client take food from the location, that is at the risk of the client and / or his guests.

Noord Holland Catering makes use of the ER officers of the client if necessary. The client is therefore responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient ER officers on location during the party’s presence.

Article 8 Transport and work conditions
Unless otherwise agreed, the choice of transport is at Noord Holland Catering. The client is obliged to take all measures for a quick unloading of the goods. Noord Holland Catering is not responsible for the manner of storage by the client. If the client fails to take timely measures to take delivery of the goods, the contractor shall be entitled to unload and store these goods at the expense and risk of the client with which Noord Holland Catering has complied with the delivery obligation. Noord Holland Catering reserves the right to deliver the goods in parts

The Client undertakes to ensure in good time that the activities which do not belong to the assignment to Noord Holland Catering have been carried out according to the requirement of Noord Holland Catering and in such a timely manner that the delivery and preparation of the required inventory and goods will not suffer any delays that access to the areas in which Noord Holland Catering works is unobstructed and that in general the work on site can find good and undisturbed progress.

The client gives Noord Holland Catering the space to be able to work according to the legal rules in the field of hygiene, working conditions and the environment. Contractor can, if desired, provide the client with a HAM checklist.

Article 9 Advertising
The Client is obliged to check whether the execution of the assignment corresponds with the Client’s wishes when executing the assignment.

Complaints are only possible in writing and motivated within 8 working days after execution of the order. The starting point for complaints is the quotation or order confirmation agreed between the parties. Obvious printing, writing and / or counting errors, or ambiguities in quotations, order confirmations and / or prospectuses do not bind Noord Holland Catering.

A demonstrable defect in a part of the execution of the assignment does not give the client the right to reject the total delivered performance.

Noord Holland Catering accepts no responsibility whatsoever for shortcomings caused or caused by fault or actions of the client or third parties, or by external causes.

In the event that the complaint concerns a received invoice, it must be notified to Noord Holland Catering by registered letter or fax within 8 days of the invoice date. Complaints that Noord Holland Catering reach after the expiry of the aforementioned term of 8 days, do not have to be processed by Noord Holland Catering anymore. The Client is deemed to have agreed with the invoice sent to him after the expiry of the 8-day term as aforementioned.

Article 10 Liability
Noord Holland Catering is never liable for any damage suffered by the client and / or its guests and / or those accompanying them and / or third parties, unless the damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence of Noord Holland Catering.

Any liability on the part of Noord Holland Catering, for whatever reason, is always limited to a maximum of the agreed price of the order or, if that is more, the amount that is reimbursed by the liability insurer of Noord Holland Catering in the relevant case.

Noord Holland Catering is not liable for damage caused by intent or gross negligence of subordinates.

If the ratio of the performance to be delivered to the client in relation to the extent of the damage suffered by the client gives rise to this, the damage to be compensated by the contractor shall be moderated.

Company damage and other indirect damage is not eligible for compensation. The client must insure itself against this damage if desired. Should it be established in court that Noord Holland Catering is nevertheless responsible for trading loss, paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this article shall apply mutatis mutandis.

The client is considered to be the owner, tenant or user of the space at all times, even if the rent has been realized through the mediation of Noord Holland Catering. North Holland Catering does not accept any liability for the damage caused by Noord Holland Catering or others to the area during the period of use and the client indemnifies Noord Holland Catering against all third-party claims in this respect.

When placing flagpoles or necessary anchoring of rental or furnishing materials and tent pavilions which takes place on instructions and / or with the permission of the client, Noord Holland Catering does not accept any liability for any damage that may have occurred.

The Client is liable for all damage to Noord Holland Catering and / or any third party and / or will arise as a direct and / or indirect result of breach of contract and / or unlawful actions by the client and / or his guests and / or those accompanying them. as well as for the damage caused by any animal and / or any substance and / or any matter of which the client and / or his guests and / or those accompanying them are holders and / or who are under their supervision.

Noord Holland Catering is not liable for loss or theft of property of the client and / or his guests and / or those who accompany them at the place where the assignment is carried out.

If an assignment is given by two or more clients, being natural or legal persons, then these persons are each individually responsible for the full compliance with the client’s obligations arising from the agreement.

Article 11 Complaints
The Client must report complaints about the quality of food and / or beverages to Noord Holland Catering within 2 hours after delivery, so that Noord Holland Catering has the opportunity to check the grounds of the complaint (if necessary) and if possible remedy them. . The aforementioned term applies if the services are performed during normal working hours. If the services are performed outside these normal working hours, the notification must be made immediately on the first working day thereafter.

Any complaints will only be considered by Noord Holland Catering if the client immediately informs the contractor about the defects and then informs Noord Holland Catering in writing within 5 working days, stating the nature and the basis of the complaints, as well as when and how the defect was detected.

Article 12 Ownership of goods
All tableware, silverware, tables, chairs, linen and other non-consumptive goods made available by Noord Holland Catering remain the property of Noord Holland Catering. If goods from Noord Holland Catering are left behind, these must be returned unpaid to Noord Holland Catering by the client. Damage to or loss of these goods caused by client or his guests or employees must be reimbursed by the client to Noord Holland Catering at cost price.

Article 13 Force majeure
Force majeure for Noord Holland Catering is subject to all circumstances caused by Noord Holland Catering, which prevents the normal performance of the contract. Force majeure in particular also involves delay as a result of unexpected traffic jams; such a delay and the consequences thereof can never be attributed to Noord Holland Catering and will never be charged.

In the event of force majeure, the client will have to give Noord Holland Catering 1 month after the agreed delivery date the opportunity to fulfill its obligations, unless it is known to the parties, a fatal date.

If the force majeure situation continues and execution is not possible after this month, both parties have the right to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention and notice of default. In that case, the terminating party must notify the other party of this in writing, it is not then obliged to pay any compensation. A paid down payment will then be refunded.

Special circumstances that cause stagnation in the preparation or dispatch, whether foreseen or unforeseen, suspend the obligation to deliver Noord Holland Catering for the duration of this circumstance.

If the assignment is to be carried out in spaces made available by third parties, Noord Holland Catering is in no way liable if the relevant spaces are not actually made available by the third parties concerned.

Article 14 Applicable law
Exclusively Dutch law applies to all agreements between Noord Holland Catering and the client.

In the event of a difference of interpretation between the Dutch text and any foreign translations thereof, the explanation is binding according to the Dutch text.

Article 15 Disputes
All disputes relating to or arising from or in connection with the offers made by the Contractor and the agreements concluded with Noord Holland Catering and all claims for default, will be exclusively brought before the absolute competent judge in the location of Noord Holland Catering, unless Noord Holland Catering prefers to bring the claim before the court of the client’s place of residence.


Privacy Statement
Noord Holland Catering B.V. known under Chamber of Commerce 37116242, Branch no. 000017484162 located at Ambachtsweg 10a, 1474 HW in Oosthuizen (and hereafter referred to as “NH-Catering”) processes personal data of its customers, prospects and other contact persons. NH-Catering does this in order to help visitors / customers as well as possible and to achieve our objectives. In this privacy statement we explain why and how we process your personal data.

Through this website (, a website of NH-Catering) privacy-sensitive data or personal data are processed. NH-Catering considers careful handling of personal data very important. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us.

In our processing, we comply with the requirements set by the AVG Act (starting on May 25, 2018). That means, among other things, that we:

clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data. We do this via this privacy statement;
limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data necessary for legitimate purposes;
you first ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your consent is required;
take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also requirements of parties that process personal data in our order;
respect your right to provide, correct or delete your personal data on your application.
In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and use and with which goals. We advise you to read this statement carefully.

This privacy statement was last modified on 25-05-2018.

Data Protection Officer
In the context of the AVG Act, we can report that NH-Catering does not have Data Protection Officer, but we are happy to help you with your questions. For this you can contact us via or 0299 ​​- 40 20 34.

Which personal data does NH-Catering process?
We process the following personal data through this website:

Company Name
address, zip code and city
(mobile number
e-mail address
ordering information
and any further information entered in the question / comment field (on this page)

Why do we process personal data?
NH-Catering processes personal data for the following purposes:

1. Administration and services
In our administration we keep track of potential customers and suppliers of NH-Catering, including the relevant contact persons. We keep various personal details of contact persons in order to perform our services as optimally as possible. This way we keep contact details in order to reach you and to be at your service.
You can reach NH-Catering via various channels: telephone, mail, e-mail and Facebook. To make this possible, we also process personal data.

2. Marketing & Recruitment
We also process personal data for NH-Catering campaigns. For example IP address, cookie ID, social ID and / or surfing behavior. We do this in order to show the most relevant advertisement in the right places.
We can also use ‘adapted target groups’ for NH-Catering (and related campaigns) via social media platforms. We can do this via Facebook and possibly Instagram targeting. On these platforms (personalized) advertisements can be shown. We do not pass on any personal data to third parties, unless you have given unambiguous consent.
If you do not want ads to be shown via these platforms, please let us know via the contact details above. You can also unsubscribe from these platforms. How to do this can be found on the following pages by clicking on the corresponding link:

Instagram (is a part of Facebook and it refers to the same page)
Note: you may still be able to see NH-Catering ads after signing off if you fall into a general target group where we focus our advertisement.

3. Improvement NH-Catering services
We also keep personal data for the improvement of our service. For example click behavior on the website to analyze which articles are read the most and open rates to see if (possibly in the future) our newsletters are found relevant.

Rights of data subjects
Under the AVG everyone has a number of rights. We do our best to meet this as well as possible. Do you have tips or comments? Let us know! To use your rights you can contact us via or 0299 ​​- 40 20 34.

Information and inspection: Of course you can see which personal data we have processed and recorded. We can explain to you how and why we process this data.
Rectification: Do you feel that we have recorded wrong information about you? Let us know then we will adjust it as soon as possible.
Forgetfulness: You may request us to delete the personal data that we have from you. It may be that for other purposes (administration or deduplication, for example) we still have to process this data.
Restriction: If you feel that we are processing your personal data incorrectly or incorrectly, then you can also limit that processing.
Objection (objection): you can lodge an objection for the processing of your personal data. Is it for marketing purposes? Then we will terminate that processing as soon as possible.
Transferability: This is a new right under the new AVG legislation to transfer your personal data. If you want to make use of this, please contact us.
In addition, you can also:

Withdraw your consent: for example, for receiving e-mailings. If you wish to withdraw permission for another processing, please contact us.
Submit a complaint to the AP: If you are of the opinion that we do not act in accordance with the privacy legislation? Then of course we would like to hear that. You can also submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority after May 25, 2018.

Retention periods
NH-Catering does not store your data for longer than is necessary to achieve the objectives stated in this privacy statement. When you send us an e-mail or ask a question via a contact form, we will retain your data for 6 months after we have responded to this, in order to answer any subsequent questions. We keep company data for as long as the mutual service runs. Related personal details – in relation to the company for which you work or act – are also covered here.

Principles of processing
As explained above, we process some data for the performance of a statutory duty, some for the execution of an agreement (assignment, purchase service and / or product or an event) and most for carrying out the legitimate interest of NH-Catering: to carry out our objective. If you would like to know more about the considerations we make for the legitimate interest, please contact us!

Third receivers
We can call on service providers for the implementation of some of our services. These are not ‘third recipients’ but processors. For example, we work together with a media partner, our accountant, a cloud environment, etc. and use Google Analytics. These parties process personal data in accordance with the assignment of NH-Catering.
Sometimes we are legally obliged to provide personal data to third parties; like the tax authorities. Furthermore, we will only provide information to third parties if we have received your explicit permission.

On the website of NH-Catering you can find a number of references to other websites of organizations. NH-Catering is not responsible for the way in which those parties process personal data. You can read the privacy statement of the relevant owner / organization for this.

Cookie statement
We use cookies on the NH-Catering website. We do this to improve our services, to ensure that the websites function optimally, for the efficient execution of campaigns and for the purposes described in our privacy statement.
Cookies are small text files that are placed by a website on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The following website places cookies or similar techniques (hereinafter: “cookies”):


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Below is a list of cookies that are placed by the NH-Catering website and their functionality:

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NH-Catering uses Analytics cookies to investigate the use of the NH-Catering website. In this way a permanent cookie is placed on your computer or mobile device. As a result, NH-Catering gains insight into the way in which and how often the NH-Catering website is used and, on the basis of these data, adjustments can be made to the NH-Catering website if necessary. This way we ensure that the NH-Catering website works optimally.

NH-Catering processes anonymous statistics about visits to its website. This is done with a web analysis system. Among other things, the following data can be stored via cookies in the web analysis system:

the IP address,
technical characteristics such as the browser you use (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or another browser),
the resolution of your computer screen,
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which pages you visit on the NH-Catering website.

Social cookies:
Cookie: Facebook; Act, c_user, csm, fr, lu, s, presence, p, xs
Aim: Cookies that provide insight into which media used by Facebook are effective and through these cookies you can see ads from the NH-Catering that fit your preference on websites you visit, after you have been on the websites of the third parties. (interest-based targeting).
Storage period: Max 1 year

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